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Our publishing house derives its name from its founding principle: Our belief that art is conspiration. Established in Paris in 2015, it initially operated as a multidisciplinary production company integrating the fields of publishing, music, video, and photography.


n 2018, the company refocused exclusively on publishing. We launched a new collection named “Le Savoir” (“Knowledge”), alongside our contemporary literature collection now named “Les C/”.


n 2019, we launched (“L’image”), our collection centred around visual media, with our photonovel adaptation of Murnau’s cult film Sunrise.

In 2020, the company relocated to Mhère in the Morvan hills of Burgundy as part of a long-term strategy to raise the profile of this magnificent region while establishing a central hub for our team based throughout France.


021 was a significant milestone in our development, with the publication of ten books, including the first two volumes of a new translation of the cult classic Little Nemo in Slumberland, and the complete two-volume Don Quixote illustrated by Gustave Doré. And we launched a new collection dedicated to poetry: “La poésie”, based on the simultaneous publication of a contemporary author for every great heritage work we print.

Thirteen books were published in 2022 including the cookbook of Auguste Escoffier, widely regarded as the inventor of contemporary cuisine, who managed numerous luxury establishment restaurants from the London Ritz London to the Cannes Carlton.

2023 saw the recognition of Grégory Rateau’s Imprécations nocturnes,  which won the Amélie-Murat prize for poetry. And our “The Exception” collection dedicated to art and cultural heritage books was launched, and released the complete Cassini map in a unique publication.


Outstanding art and heritage books.

Experimentation with old works, re-editions of cult works and contemporary creations.

The great poets of yesterday and the young guard of today, without bias.

Dedicated to republishing great works of literature, philosophy, and practical knowledge.

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